A 3 month awakening journey for joy, peace, love & prosperity

Would you like to have a greater sense of peace, vitality and passion for life?

My career as an energy healer spans three decades, and I work intuitively with each client. I have transitioned from facilitating 1-2-1 healing sessions into working with clients on my awakening programme to awaken their divine blueprint and transform their reality. This programme costs two hundred pounds a month for 3 months and gives you weekly sessions with me throughout the duration.

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The Emotion Code

The emotion Code is a powerful way to rid yourself of unseen emotional baggage.
Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage and recurring relationship difficulties.

According to Dr Bradley Nelson the average person has over 250 trapped emotions that are causing disturbances in their health and life.

I personally saw such a transformation with my Daughter instantly after releasing just one trapped emotion and was so blown away with it that I became a qualified Emotion Code Practitioner and also created a simple online introduction course so you can easily learn it too!


Generally, we release up to 10 trapped emotions in each session to allow the body to recalibrate.

These sessions can be done in person or remotely.

I use kinesiology to detect what the trapped emotion is using the Emotion Code Chart, then I release it using a magnet.

£45 for 30 minutes.

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“The technique has enabled me to let go of negative feelings and feel more positive.
I have been so impressed that I recommended it to my son who has many emotional issues, and he too has been amazed at the difference it has made to him.” Surrey Mum

“We did a remote Emotion Code session for my horse who hadn’t been eating for a couple of days and the vet couldn’t do anything more. Anita released 3 trapped emotions and he began to eat within an hour of the session. Thank you Anita “ Val in Surrey

The Emotion Code

Empower yourself to learn this simple method of releasing your emotional baggage, to feel happier, lighter, brighter and to have the freedom of enjoying your life again!

This is a step by step self study course containing everything you need to learn The Emotion Code for personal use. £29.99.  Please get in touch if you’d like more info.

Healy Frequency Healing

Welcome to the world of frequency healing.   Scroll down and watch the video, and if you like what you see, find out more here

Wellbeing, health and vitality as well as physical and mental health are amongst the most important things we possess.

Healy is wearable technology that supports your wellbeing, holistic health, fitness & vitality as well as physical and mental health. It’s like a Tesla for the mind and body.

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Healy applies a range of 144,000 different frequencies and subtle currents that stimulate cell function using electrodes. These frequencies were developed in collaboration with Nuno Nina, a Portuguese therapist and researcher who has used them to treat thousands of patients in his worldwide clinics for over 20 years.

Based on these frequencies, Healy contains over 100 special sequence programmes to support the treatment of various disorders and other areas of life.

These programmes are called systemic programmes. Labelled Systemic in the Healy app.

Healy contains a quantum sensor that individually selects the frequencies that are best suited for your needs.

Systemic programmes are generally the first programmes to use as they balance the energetic cause of a condition. They are applied with the wrist electrodes in a holistic way.

The frequencies are designed to energetically effect the entire system in an integrated way using the upper body and its organs, glands and the nervous system.

These programmes can run for up to 60 minutes and their goal is to balance you at deeper levels.

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“I was a sceptic but pleasantly surprised and proved wrong that in just one session the Healy brought down the chronic pain in my elbow (that I have had for years) by 75%  This works!”  London Businessman

“I had a long-term sleep issue where I would wake up every couple of hours throughout the night. A friend suggested I try the Healy and OMG, I had the best nights’ sleep I’ve had in months. Thank you Anita”.  Karin, Surrey

Here’s a little video that explains all about it: