Woman who can't sleep

I can’t sleep…

‘I can’t sleep’… I barely heard the words which were waking me from my deep slumber. My body felt tired and aching as I opened my eyes and caught the shadow of Emily in the darkness, lurking by my bedroom door. ‘Come and get into my bed’ I hear myself saying in a dream like voice. She climbs into the massive Ikea bed beside me. I sleepily drape one arm over her little warm body.

Fifteen minutes later – coming to… ‘Time to go back to your bed now’ I whisper. Emily obeys, slowly padding across the dark room with me in tow. The light in her bedroom surprises us both in contrast to the darkness in mine. She climbs into her comfy bed and I nestle down beside her.

All of a sudden a feeling hits me – not a nice comfy, cosy, sleep like feeling, quite the opposite. I wasn’t prepared for this. I feel a slight anger start to well up in my body – this isn’t going to be easy…

The anger inside me begins to intensify and my mind becomes flooded with words of injustice, tiredness, busy day ahead, need sleep.

I imagine a triangle of light flooding the area where we are both lying – no shift. Next I imagine a violet flame surrounding us – nope – didn’t work either. The anger starts raging inside, so I ask for help, silently in my mind ‘help me please’.

I take Emily’s soft pyjama covered arm and start tapping on the soft paddy part under her little finger…

‘What’s wrong Ems?’

‘I had a nightmare’ she whispered ‘someone came into my room and tried to kill me.’


‘Just before I came into your room.’

So we started the EFT.

‘Even though I had a bad nightmare and someone came to kill me, I’m such a good little girl anyway and I’m safe now here with Mummy…’

She yawned – always a good sign.

We completed the first round of tapping.

There was still something lurking – it wasn’t completely gone.

‘What are you feeling now?’ I asked her.

‘Scared’ she replied.

So we did another round.

‘Even though I’m scared because I had a nightmare and I don’t want to go to sleep, I’m such a beautiful girl and I’m safe now with Mummy.’

It felt amazing. She was asleep within two minutes and my anger had vanished. I was feeling love and appreciation for this beautiful nine year old sleeping quietly…

If I hadn’t have asked in my thoughts, things might have been different. It was as though just asking allowed intelligence inside me to do exactly what needed to be done to get the peaceful result we both needed.