Pebble labyrinth

Fill yourself with pure positive energy

Seemingly we all have our own unique way of connecting to and embracing pure positive energy, and when we do – oh boy do we get to experience the complete deliciousness of life. For me, I have to experience this through chi energy with my whole body.

Walking the labyrinth

Sometimes, although not as frequently as I would like, I attend a Friday Morning Group at St Michael’s Sanctuary in Ewell. One such Friday, the morning was being hosted by Gillian Lenane, and the topic was Labyrinths. Gillian had created a beautiful labyrinth  out of huge pebbles in one half of the sanctuary, and after a relaxing meditation, we all took turns to walk to the centre and back out again.

What amazed me was when it was time for my walk, I began to walk with a tai chi like movement breathing in the energies with my whole body as I meandered my way to the centre. It felt as though I was connecting to the Sacred Divine Feminine as I was gathering up these energies. Once in the centre I felt an immense love energy fill up my whole being before literally dancing my way back out.

A huge transformation had taken place within me and I felt on top of the world. Whilst others around me were meditating quietly, I wanted to dance and laugh with a huge smile upon my face.

I made an intention on my way home to keep hold of this fabulous feeling no matter what. Sure enough, upon returning home, my partner was having an ‘off day’ but I was able to be sympathetic to his feelings whilst still keeping my energy high. He even made a comment ‘what have you been doing?.. I want some of it..’

Maintaining the good feeling

The children were in niggling moods, and still I managed to keep my vibration high. I put on some music and I began tackling a mound of paperwork that had been piling up for a good 6 months. I had the whole lot cleared within a couple of hours but the true gift of this high energy state was that those around me began to transform their lower energy states and raised their vibrations up to meet mine. Everyone became happier and more loving; giving way to a wonderful afternoon…

This was certainly a great lesson for me in the true power of pure positive energy.

My great friend Jill Din has developed a ‘seeker healing system’. When I became attuned to the seeker energy,  I could feel that this was pure positive energy and Jill certainly reflects this… She is always laughing and having fun… and no wonder – she has found her pure positive energy source.

I remember a few years back listening to Esther Hicks saying that we are born as pure positive energy and that is our most natural state. She then went on to teach that you can become more in alignment with your own pure positive energy state by consistently reaching for thoughts that make you feel better. Try it – it works…

Seeing as you hold all of the information you need inside of you… In times of quietness, sincerely ask yourself  ‘What is my way of connecting to and filling myself up with pure positive energy?’

Keep your eyes and ears open – for a way will be shown to you

So whether it’s meditation, tai chi, dancing, singing, walking in nature, painting, writing – whatever it is…when you find your way… In the famous words of Nike…JUST DO IT!

And do please let me know how it’s working for you…

Thanks for reading  folks!

Until next time

Anita x