Align with your Inner Joy Programme

This 8 week course is for busy conscious Mums (of any age) who know that something else is possible, but just don’t what to do on a regular basis to live a joyful life again.

You might have dabbled in various courses and workshops, learned some really cool stuff that worked temporarily but before long, you end up finding yourself repeating the same old patterns and back to a similar place of where you started.

You might have even been prescribed anti-depressants from the doctor, but you have an inner knowing that suppressing the symptoms won’t institute the change you are looking for, and then you have the added burden of dealing with the side effects of any drugs you take.

I get it…

Do you ever get the feeling deep down that you know that something else is possible, something more beautiful and more true than the life you are currently living, but you just don’t have the tools to access it and release what’s stopping you?

It is so easy as a busy Mum with children of any age, to put everyone else’s needs first and put yourself last; throw a pot of sensitivity into the mix – and you’re in deep trouble!

And depending on your upbringing,  you may have a negative programme of guilt or I’m just not good enough subconsciously running your life and you feel like there’s no escape, no matter what you do.

Most busy stressed out Mums have forgotten that they do have a choice in everything they think, say and do and those choices shape their tomorrow’s. The problem arises when we get so stressed from being overstretched  and overwhelmed that we don’t tune in to our wise inner being and guidance which has all of the answers we seek, but instead we end up making erratic choices and decisions just to get through the day.

Does this sound like you?

What if you took your power back and included YOU as well as your family in all the choices you make?

What if you CAN create a different possibility for yourself, have great sex, intimacy and communication with your partner again, and even more JOY and genuine happiness than you had previously in your life?

What if you could go to bed each night feeling truly thankful for your day and everything that happened and wake up feeling truly joyful the next morning?

Here’s the thing – what if it is possible to live your life as it is now – warts and all – with all the demands, hectic schedules, pulls on your time and energy, multi tasking and everything else thrown in but with a sense of contentment, love, peace, connection and JOY – yep that feeling you know is possible but seems buried forever..

If this is speaking to YOU – and you will know if it is – as you will feel an inner pull~ then please do get in touch to see if I can help; either personally or point you in the right direction of what will be a contribution for you.

You see, I have stood where you are, I have lived the stressful overwhelming hamster wheel life, I know what it’s like to feel anxious on a daily basis, or burying feelings of guilt, dread and not feeling good enough. Wishing everyone would just go away so I could pull the duvet up over my head and just sleep or wishing I could just jet off to somewhere warm and sunny and stay there.

If you feel like you are having the life just sucked out of you on a daily basis, then you might want to consider if my upcoming 8 week Align to  Your Inner Joy programme is just the breath of fresh air and the invitation for change you are looking for.

Here’s the truth, the answers to everything we seek already exist in us – but what most people are doing if trying to gain something for the outside which never lasts.

The joy, the wellbeing, the satisfaction in life comes from within and my programme is designed to gently and lovingly take you on your own inner journey where you will connect with your Soul Essence, your wise inner being that is always peaceful no matter what is going on.

This is a small intimate group of 12 Mums who will meet weekly in a beautiful yurt and support each other as work through this beautiful life changing programme together. You will also be supported with bi monthly 1-1 sessions with me, bi monthly online group sessions and also have access to our private facebook support group, all for less that what it costs to have 8 weekly 1-1 session with me.

Are you ready for change?

Is now the time?

For a chat and more information please visit or give me a call on 07952 708173

Wishing you infinite joy and abundance..

Anita x