It’s great to meet you

I’m Anita, and I’m so glad you’re here…

I love life… With all of it’s complexities and richness. I simply love life. I love knowing that the universe has my back and that I have the power and potency to co-create my reality everyday.

That wasn’t always the case.

My own self empowerment journey began way back in 2002 when something happened that changed the course of my life forever. It would have changed yours too if you’d have been there..

I was attacked and literally thought I was going to die.

After that incident my nervous system went on overdrive, I had no sense of peace, my sleep became disturbed and it was a struggle just to get through the day. I had a 6 month old and a 2 year old and I was facing a bitter divorce and struggling to meet the children’s needs as a single parent.

During that time I embarked on what I can only describe as a healing ‘inner journey’ learning tools and techniques that helped me release the pain and trauma, change my limiting beliefs and begin to listen to and trust my inner voice. Eventually after a “finding true self’ weekend workshop, I wrote my own ‘spiritual guidance’ in poetry format – it was this that I later turned to when I needed some form of guidance, it is full of wisdom for everyday life.

I learned that we have a mind/body connection and that both need to work in harmony. What goes on in one, affects the other. Our bodies are powerful messengers that are communicating with us all the time and through pain and discomfort our body is just trying to show us that something needs to change.

I realised that you have to stop judging and actually befriend your body and start being kind to yourself. Once you love yourself, warts and all you create far less stress in your body and your life gets a whole lot easier.

Metamorphic Technique, Reflexology And Reiki..

I became qualified in the Metamorphic Technique, dabbled in Reflexology and then discovered Reiki, and this is when I truly felt as though I had come home.

I qualified as a Reiki Master and after a time went on to study Seichem Healing and became attuned to the Healing Energy of St Germain and the Angels of the Violet Flame.

Emotional Freedom Technique, Chi Energy Yoga And Matrix Re-Imprinting

I learned that all negative emotions stem from a disruption in the body’s energy system and E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a fast and efficient way of resolving theses disruptions. It releases the ‘trauma’ from the cells of the body so that the body can re-balance.

Our bodies are 90% water when we are born and reduces to 70% water as we mature. Water by its very nature is programmable and so in childhood our life experiences literally become energetically imprinted in our mind/body and this is what forms our beliefs about ourselves and life. Our subconscious minds are like a huge filing cabinet recording everything that has ever happened to us. Through E.F.T we access the information held in our subconscious to facilitate our own healing.

In order to transform our limitations, it is necessary to go back to the time when we first created the limitation and change it. I found that Matrix Re-imprinting is a great tool for this as you do not have to re-experience trauma in order to release what is no longer serving you and re-imprint healthy new beliefs. Nowadays I also use the tools of Access Consciousness with my clients to change the limitations. We just bring up the energy of when you first created the limitation and use a verbal statement to change it! It’s that simple, that’s how truly powerful you are folks!

I also learned that most people carry a destructive core belief of “I’m not worthy” and they will continue to sabotage themselves until this core belief is transformed. The great news is – it can be transformed!

I believe it takes about 20 years to become an expert in your field. Through my 20 years of experience in the healing arts, I am now able to energetically and intuitively detect what memory or event is the cause of my client’s traumas and where the blocked energy sits in the body or energy field and this makes for very speedy release and healing to take place. I can do this remotely which is a blessing seeing as we are all working online more and more!

I believe it was a combination of my own release work and dedicated chi yoga practice that has led me to be able to feel the energy circulation and blocks within my own body and the bodies of my clients. A very useful tool for an energy healer and happiness coach!

Change With Ease…

As well as Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Re-Imprinting, I also became qualified in Colour Mirrors Healing and Sylvia Hartman’s EmoTrance, which lead me to become a member of the GoE (Guild of Energists).

I became introduced to The Emotion Code and The Body Code; and using this I have seen amazing transformations in my clients in a very short space of time.

During this journey, I came to know that we co-create our reality, and I was using visualization to manifest things that I desired in my life. I began to realise that what I truly desired wasn’t just things of a material nature but what I truly desired was happiness.

So I began to visualize myself being happy and somehow this lead me to the practise of Mind Calm Meditation, I was so blown away by the instant calm I experienced that I became a qualified Mind Calm Meditation Coach.

My Work Is My Joy

For me, my work is my Joy. The gratitude and happiness I feel when I am able to assist someone to choose greater in their world is truly Joy to witness and inspires me to do more.

I have condensed 25 years’ worth of my experience in the healing arts into my 3 month awakening programme. We focus on 3 main areas. Befriending your body – through breath work, Calm your mind with meditation and Creating a heart aligned vision for your future.

What I also know is that in order to maintain a forward momentum in our lives it helps to be regularly plugged into a supportive network and so I have provided a bi-monthly online Soul gathering on the new moon and full moon. These sacred circles consist of a channelled message from the ascended masters, some release work, some intention setting and whatever else the group energy requires. Get in touch if you would like more information on those.

Feeling Blessed

I feel very blessed and humble to be able to do the work that I do an I am truly grateful to all of those brace Souls who step up and take charge of their life and living.

Ways we can work together


Soul Circle

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Release your inner joy saboteur and welcome true and lasting happiness

The Emotion Code

Empower yourself to learn this simple method of releasing your emotional baggage, to feel happier, lighter, brighter and to have the freedom of enjoying your life again!

This self study course is just £29.99 – pop me an email for details.